Piano move in NYC

Moving your piano in NYC

Moving your piano in the city is not an easy job so better leave it for the pros.van

right touch movers has the gear and the experience staff to relocate your piano safely.

We have taken many special moves that require white glove service and special care and attention to the items we have moved. We have taken art galleries relocation jobs, wine cellars, coffee shops and restaurants as well as special antique furniture.

We are taking care of your piano from the moment we are at your apartment to prepare it for the move till we place it safely at your new apartment. We have all the gear needed to take it down with a crane from the fourth floor, or hoist it up to your new sixth floor apartment.

So if you have a piano to move within the greater NYC we are a good and repayable solution for your needs.



Moving to brooklyn?

Why move to Brooklyn?

Well rent is cheaper obviously but that’s not all..image4

Brooklyn is an exciting part of New York City. its cultural diversity thanks to the people of Brooklyn that came from all over the world, makes it a neighborhood of the world. It has everything beaches night clubs site seeing tours and monuments arts museums and nice cafes and restaurants. It is very welcoming and make you feel at home no matter where you come from. As well it has much more relaxed and laid back atmosphere then Manhattan.

If you plan a move to Brooklyn better saves some time and money by organizing your stuff. All you can spare sale or donate to charity or at last result recycle it. Since buying stuff at Brooklyn is relatively cheaper – it is a great opportunity to get rid of the old rags and get new ones at your new Brooklyn residence. Cutting on your clothes, kitchen, and furniture will save you a lot of time and money.

If you are I need of a repayable moving company to help you move to Brooklyn, right touch movers


movers in nyc with the right touch


Moving companies in NYC are easy to finda good moving company is hard to find!

How to choose your city mover?

Delivery Man

When choosing between movers within the city you must consider few factors. First you must check if they are registered with the D.O.T and have ranks and reviews with the relevant organizations such as yelp and the BBB. Then you better check if the company is a NYC based. Moving within the city and suburbs requires good knowledge of the city rules and regulations, special gear for hoisting and dealing with upper floors. Know how to plan the move without getting stuck in traffic – we will be at your place on the exact time and date on move day.

What makes us a good choice for a city move?

Right touch moving is a NYS based local moving company that has over a decade experience with moving within the city. We have moved hundreds of apartment’s and studios as well as special moves: piano moves, white glove moves, wine cellars and art galleries moves. Our crew is hardworking NYC movers that know the city streets by hart. No wonder choosing right touch movers is the natural.

Beware of moving scheme!

It can happen to anybody, better to check for license and registrations of mover. Then check if they are registered with any business rank platform where you will find written reviews of other customers about the move. Check if the movers come with a rented truck instead of a company truck. If they quote by pounds check they are taking a “wet” scale ( with full tank of fuel ). If they quote by cubic feet you can see the lines on the truck marking the cubic feet. Local movers many will charge you by the hour and you need to keep an eye it’s not taking a week to move.

To the Big Apple!


Ah, New York Cimage5ity

the city of classic Broadway shows, sky high buildings and a coffee shop around every corner.

New York City is the place you go when you want to shop, meet new people and just get away for the day…or month. The city is full of interesting sights and sometimes some very interesting people!

Those of you who just cannot seem to get enough the big city, are the ones who should be figuring out how to get yourselves an apartment over there! Now I know that this is easier said than done as New York isn’t exactly the easiest place to navigate through but once you find that perfect location all you have to do is get yourself, and only yourself, there. There are many moving companies that will gladly get all of your belongings to you as quickly as possible and without emptying your bank account over night!

Before you make your big move to the big city, check out Right touch movers who are widely popular amongst city movers (both moving in and/or out of the city). You will not be disappointed and will start your new journey off the right way…the stress free way!