Piano move in NYC

Moving your piano in NYC

Moving your piano in the city is not an easy job so better leave it for the pros.van

right touch movers has the gear and the experience staff to relocate your piano safely.

We have taken many special moves that require white glove service and special care and attention to the items we have moved. We have taken art galleries relocation jobs, wine cellars, coffee shops and restaurants as well as special antique furniture.

We are taking care of your piano from the moment we are at your apartment to prepare it for the move till we place it safely at your new apartment. We have all the gear needed to take it down with a crane from the fourth floor, or hoist it up to your new sixth floor apartment.

So if you have a piano to move within the greater NYC we are a good and repayable solution for your needs.



To the Big Apple!


Ah, New York Cimage5ity

the city of classic Broadway shows, sky high buildings and a coffee shop around every corner.

New York City is the place you go when you want to shop, meet new people and just get away for the day…or month. The city is full of interesting sights and sometimes some very interesting people!

Those of you who just cannot seem to get enough the big city, are the ones who should be figuring out how to get yourselves an apartment over there! Now I know that this is easier said than done as New York isn’t exactly the easiest place to navigate through but once you find that perfect location all you have to do is get yourself, and only yourself, there. There are many moving companies that will gladly get all of your belongings to you as quickly as possible and without emptying your bank account over night!

Before you make your big move to the big city, check out Right touch movers who are widely popular amongst city movers (both moving in and/or out of the city). You will not be disappointed and will start your new journey off the right way…the stress free way!